Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Plan

So from the time we get the van we are heading up north, have heard there's plenty of jobs. So hopefully save some money, being in Auckland with no job and bing fucked around with the van has really drained my money!
Toni did give me the option of going to Ohakune with Marty and work there for a few weeks and go snowboarding everyday and meet up once the snow season had finished in a couple of weeks. It will cost to much. And I'd miss her to much.
See what happens with the van... our plans may be put back if something coes up

Getting worried...but it's all ok

We went to a car market on Saturday and we found a van! Has a bed and all! We were pretty excited, Toni made a deal instead of 2700 we got him down to $2400! We got the car checked over by a mechanic...hoping all was well... not quite!
The heater was screwed - no distmisting the windows and stuff...
The back wheels needed bearings and stuff.
We couldnt take the van. So after I had went and got the money out the ATM - All being in $20 notes!!!???? What the?? And only being able to draw $800 out at a time +$670 Aus dollars. We couldnt purchase it :o(
Toni made a deal with him (The best one that could really be made) he was going to get it all fixed and were to go halfs. He was going to call Monday arvo.

Well monday arvo came... getting worried we called him at approx1pm... we were anxious and we want it bad! He was still getting quotes and stuff and was going to call back later in the afternoon.

Getting to 4:30pm still hadn't heard! We were deciding to start to look at other vans. I texted one guy about one. Just as Toni's phone rang!!!! The owner said that he got qoutes and its going to cost $600 to get it fixed so $300 each. Bringing the total to $2700.

He's picking us up tomorrow so can get it checked over again and we'll go from there.

Ohakune to Auckland

Well the drive took ages.... I had to ask Toni to drive. She drove for a few hours and then we swapped over again. Very hard to concentrate for long periods of driving. The roads are so windy and the hills are so green...minus the white sheep of course...there everywhere!

We got into Auckland at organised to stay in a backpackers and we are still in the same one till Tuesday night. When we were settled we meet up with Marty (oz mate) friend and went out till 4am only leaving cause Marty had to catch a plane back to Oz and had to be at the airport at 5am. Awesome. Jamie can dance so well!

Snow boarding

Me being so excited we were up at 6:30am!! Drove to Ohakune meet her and her friends. It had been snowing 30cm!!! In two days. Toni borrowed some snow gear and a board, I got some gear and we drove up to the snow, hiring snow chains and driving on icy roads with no visibility. HmmmWent snow boarding, fell over heaps of times, but eventually was starting to get the hang of it!! Felt so sore! But was time to leave to drive to Auckland. Had an awesome time and we will be going again…I would like to take snow boarding up...very expensive

Wellington to ??? lets close our eyes and point on the map and see where it ends up!

The next day getting up at the crack of dawn we headed towards somewhere….we hadn’t decided. Driving along the motorway…..was so windy. The winding hills and tight roads. Felt like I was in the Adelaide hills and Heart Beat. I stopped the car at some stage absolutely cracking myself laughing thinking what the F*** had we gotten into it was freezing and so windy and raining. Found out later that night there was storms all over the North Island that day.

We stayed in a back packers that night in Napier. The next day we went exploring finding a nice waterfall and pebble beaches (Just like England).
We looked in a few backpacker places and Toni seeing two cats and missing our cat so much looked at me with the look we are staying here! So we stayed there the next night. We had free internet so was good to get on there and do stuff that we hadn't been able to do. I spoke to Marty that night who lives in Ohakune about 15 mins from Mt Rapheua and you go snowbaording! So I organised to do that the next day!

Windy!!! Windy Wellington

Was that windy my hat flew of and I had to chase it 20 meteres down the road!

Windy Wellington

We arrived in Wellington on the 29th at 11:30 at night. Brought three bottles of alcohol from the duty free shop….cheap!!! We went and hired a car from Europcar… once again they upgraded us!!!!! From a small Hyundai Getz to a Mitsubishi Lancer 06 model….

Decided instead of paying for a full night’s accommodation we would go out. Well this lasted till about 2am when me feeling very ill from a cold wanted to go sleep in the car. So we parked the car by the water front with about 8 other cars and went to sleep for the night….cheap!!! We woke up with the wind rushing around the car at about 9am.

Decided it was time to actually organise something we went and got a phone card and went to try to call home….the man screwed me over, selling me a card that couldn’t call oz even after I asked for one that could. We went to an info place and found out if on Wellington. We booked a place to stay for night and went there at about noon and slept for a few hours. Got up and I insisted to Toni that I didn’t want to stay in Wellington, it was raining and windy.